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Live TV Channels

Tele Horizon 2000   Tele Ginen
Tele Boston   Tele Caraibes                                        
Tropik TV   Opa TV
Tele National d’Haiti   Hebron 9 Televirion                         
RTH 2000 - Gospel   Canal 11                                         
Kajou TV   Zouk TV

Live Radio Channels

Radio Genen   Radio Soleil Episcopale                         
Caraibes FM   Signal FM                              
Radio Optimum Inter   Radio Horizon 2000
Radio Kiskeya    Radio Soleil d’Haiti (NY)                  
Croissance Inter   Radio Nago                                 
HaitiNet Radio   Radio Touche Douce
ZoukStation – Retro   ZoukStation – Zouk Love           
ZoukStation – Hits 24/7    

Bonus On-Line Channels
Our service also allows our customers to enjoy FREE online channels when they are available. Usually the Bonus programs are located on channels numbered 21 and up on the TV menu or 31 and up on the radio menu.

NOTE: Channels Line-Up and numbering subject to change without notice. Bonus On-Line Channels are NOT part of your paid subscription. They are free channels that are available on-line and that can be viewed on our system. Their availability, clarity, content are subject to change without notice.